Garage and Estate Sales

Garage sales and estate sales are permitted within the Fort Worth city limits, but must follow these rules:

  • No more than two sales on the same premises in any one calendar year.
  • Sales are held by a person who does not hold himself out as engaging in, or does not habitually engage in, the business of selling such property at retail
  • Sales must be confined to the garage and/or patio of the premises.
  • No new merchandise acquired solely for the purpose of resale may be sold at the garage/estate sale.
  • Sales may last no more than three consecutive calendar days.
  • A permit shall be secured at least 72 hours prior to the sale and shall be prominently posted on the premises during the sale.
  • One sign advertising the sale is allowed on the premises only, and must not exceed 2 square feet in size. All other signs, either on or off the premises, are prohibited.
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The HOA organizes 2 (two) community garage sales
each year-one in the spring and one in the fall.The City’s rules apply to these sales.

Our community garage sales are scheduled for:
May 6-8
October 7-9